New Patients Chiropractic Greeley

Step 1: Assess

Tell us your story. what is bothering you? what are your goals? what are your concerns? what is your medical history? Once we learn about you we will be able to treat you.

Step 2: Adjust

We will adjust you because your body performs best when it is at equilibrium. Most chiropractors end the treatment here but we don't...

Step 3: Strengthen

This is how we go the extra mile. We spend the extra time to strengthen and release your muscles. This will help alleviate pain and reduce the number of adjustments you require in the future. 

New Patients at HBD Chiropractic | Greeley

Our goal is to help you feel better on your first visit.

Your initial 1.5 hour appointment covers: 

  1. Discussion on why you are here
  2. Thorough Assessment Exam
  3. Explanation of findings
  4. Treatment (if required)
  5. Treatment Plan

When you come in please bring any recent and relevant diagnostic imaging such as X-rays or MRIs, as well as, any recent test results. If possible, wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Your First Chiropractic Visit

1. Why are you here? This is the first step to understand how we can help you. We plan 1.5 hours for your initial visit to take the time to have a conversation with you before doing anything. We talk about medical history, pain incidents, and goals.

2. Thourough Assessment Exam: We spend additional time with you to ensure we are treating the real issue and to ensure treatment is safe for you. This step is why we are so successful at helping out patients. 

3. On your first visit, you will receive a treatment based on the findings of the assessment at step 2 (treatment performed if determined necessary). This will include an adjustment and any additional procedures that’ll help you leave better than you felt when you came into HBD Chiropractic.

5. We will answer any questions you have an build a custom treatment plan.

We share our office with NOCO Healthcare to create an office that’ll not just meet your chiropractic needs but your primary practice needs as well.


Trusted by over 2000 Happy Patients

Jaydee Johnston

BEST Chiropractor I have ever been to! Gave me so much relief from all my back pain! Totally worth the money and definitely worth a monthly visit for me! Very personable and the sweetest staff!

Leigh Ann Potter

I've been seeing Dr Jordan monthly for several years now. Her adjustments, stim, combo treatments and body work keep me going! Thanks Dr Jordan for always making me feel better!

R Amen

I have been receiving chiropractic care for over 34 years and Dr Jordan is the most thorough and thoughtful chiropractor that I have ever been to. She has a wonderful ability to listen to and assess my needs. With her capable staff and professional resources, she gives me the most well rounded treatment every time. I highly recommend her!

Wyatt Eichman

The staff are some of the most friendly and caring people you’ll meet in the industry. I would highly recommend to any highschool/college athlete looking for an answer to treat their pain.

Cheyenne Amen
Dr. Jordan is an amazing person and so friendly! She has helped me manage my back and neck pain better than any chiropractor I have had and I have been going since I was a young child! I recommend her to EVERYONE!







Payment Information

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards as payment. We also offer treatment packages to bypass the need to pull out your card each visit. We are happy to discuss a payment option that works best for you. Superbills can be prepared for your insurance upon request. Contact us today to schedule your appointment. 

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