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About Health By Design Chiropractic

At Health By Design (HBD) Chiropractic, our goal is to educate our patients while providing high-quality, comprehensive health care in a comfortable environment.

Education is important because we want you to understand what’s causing your condition, how our care can help, and what you can do to regain and maintain better overall health and wellness.

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Community Based Practice

Dr. Jordan grew up an athlete and when she injured herself it was her chiropractor that helped her heal and get back to the things she loved. This inspired her to become a chiropractor and help others get back to the things they love. 

When you step into the office you immediately feel a sense of community. The staff knows you by your name and asks how your family is doing. We truly care about every patient that walks through the door and it is our priority to get you back to the life you love. 

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HBD Chiropractic Will Help When Others Couldn’t

Many of our patients are referrals from other patients who were thrilled when our conservative, natural approach helped them after other medical professionals were unable to. We love helping patients who want to avoid surgery or get off of pain medications, as well as those who simply want to live their best lives. Our goal is to give you some amount of relief at your first appointment, whatever your reason for visiting.